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cardItem-photoAlina StoritskaI am very satisfied with the work! Everything was done at a high level.
cardItem-photoMarkiyan KutzThe result exceeded my expectations! Many thanks for the high-quality work.
cardItem-photoMisha KyslytsiaI am very grateful for the promptness and quality of the work. I highly recommend!
cardItem-photoAnna MalyarFast execution and a high level of work. I recommend these services!
Популярні питання

When placing an order or simply if you are interested in the price, specify the following information: 1. University; 2. type and topic of work; 3. name of the discipline; 4. work plan (available, absent) - attach if available; 5. design of work (standard, according to methodical recommendations, special) - attach a task, a method or an example of other work; 6. number of pages; 7. work is required on the date (date of transfer of work); 8. contact phone number and e-mail.

If you are not satisfied with the work we have done, it can be redone. All revisions and modifications are absolutely free until the protection itself. That's right, we accompany all our works to protection, and revisions are performed in an instant, in a short time, that is, revision of your work becomes a priority over other unfulfilled orders of the author. Finishing work rarely happens with us, since all work is of the highest quality, but let's not lie, it still happens. We ask you not to worry about this issue, we will fix everything, as you and your teacher need.

It is possible to correct absolutely everything in the revision of the work, but the main thing is that these revisions do not conflict with the requirements previously specified by you. For example, when you ordered, you indicated that the term paper should be 30-35 pages long, and in the comments before revision, you said that the term paper should already be 60 pages long, and you need to pay extra for such revisions. Or another example, you ordered a coursework on one topic, and then you indicated that your topic is completely different, the same also applies to the plan (content), which the client provides himself, or we do (and the client must approve independently or in teacher). As a rule, this does not happen at all, but sometimes it can happen, so we warn you in advance so that there are no misunderstandings between us, IC "KURSOVIKS" and you, as the customer.

We guarantee that you will successfully defend your work. A month after full payment, a year or any time later, rest assured, we will remember you and your work will be redone. This is one of the advantages and features of our service.

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We provide quality writing services for students at affordable prices. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of customers who value quality highly, without going beyond financial constraints.